The Porter Annual Post is here!

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s the holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! And Happy New Year! Everything falls within a week of one another this year. I think the universe knows that we all need a week of celebrations, joy and light. What a year it has been!

Aside from the hundreds of other reasons that 2016 was tricky (do I even need to list them?!), roughly a year ago I was coming to the realization that I was experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety and anger. The whole kit ‘n caboodle. Faaaantastic. When I look back on this year I feel like I experienced it in a fog. I was here, but some days I did not feel very present. In short, 2016 was really hard for me and my little family as we worked to find a balance that helped me to be a better person. We are so very fortunate to have close friends and wonderful families that love and care for us when we need it the most. And in that way, 2016 was amazing,

When it came time for the Porter Annual Post we almost didn’t do it. It felt like too much to handle and do. Designing an idea, finding clothes, props, coordinating calendars with Kelly, working around naps and cranky children, putting the cat on a diet (kidding!), decorating the tree early, yadda yadda yadda. Soon though (early November), people started telling me how excited they were to see the 2016 edition and how much they looked forward to it each year. I eventually knew that we could not take away that small joy, especially when some days we need every ounce we can gather.

And so, I present to you the 6th Edition of The Porter Annual Post! Many thanks to the lovely Kelly of Mountain Dog Photography who helps make our vision come together each year! It’s a fun tradition that I am so glad we tackled again this year.

Enjoy this year’s card and have a peek at all of the previous years! It’s a fun little trip down memory lane.


It all started in 2011 when Devin and I moved into our vintage farm house. It was done as a joke because Devin used to tell his kindergarten class that he read the Wall Street Journal at home! 🙂

2011 Christmas Front working_a

2012 I was very busy with my business, so Devin had to do the baking.

2012 Christmas Front working_fullsize

2013 we added a new model! Oh my goodness, he was so little!

2013 Christmas Front APPROVED

2014 was cozy and nice.


2015 we celebrated with a New Years card because there was no way I was getting Christmas cards together with a 3 week old and 2 year old around! 😀

2015 Christmas Front Approved

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