Jackson’s 1 Year, Vermont Portraits

I adore all of the families that I work with, but Leighann and her family hold a special place in my heart. Leighann and I used to work together when I was still working a full-time job in addition to doing photography. When I took my business full-time she was one of my first “full-time” clients who picked me because of my portfolio work. Since that moment I have photographed both of her pregnancies and followed both of her kiddos from newborn through 1 year for portrait sessions. Every time I see them we have such a wonderful time!

Their little boy Jackson turned 1 last August and this session wrapped up his Baby’s First Year portrait series. Bittersweet in a way because he went from a tiny newborn to a little boy so quickly! 🙂 Enjoy some of my favorites below. As with each of my Baby’s First Year series, at the 1 year session we aim to do a whole family portrait in addition to focusing on the birthday boy/girl. 🙂 Be well, Kathleen

The Birthday boy! How I LOVED his bow tie!

You might recognize big sister McKenna from her garden portrait session here. Her Baby’s First Year sessions were featured on my old blog, so I cannot link them here. Maybe I’ll have to do a special post to just make sure they are on here too. 🙂

The grandparents on Dad’s side were able to join us!

Their dog and first baby, Huxely, has been at all the portrait sessions we have done. 🙂 Pets are family too and I’m always happy to include them!

Starting at Jackson’s newborn session, we used the little radio flyer cart  as a prop. For his 6 month session we thought it would be fun to follow a theme and so Leighann brought it along to the 1 year session! I love the series. 🙂


6 Months

1 Year

 Before we know it he will be 2!! :*)

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