The 8th Edition of the Porter Annual Post!

The 8th Annual Porter Annual Post is here! And OH! It’s another good one! 2018 was a joyful year indeed with the arrival of our Merryn Anne in mid-January, the celebration of my brother’s wedding, wonderful trips with both our families and the retirement of my mother. We just knew ‘JOY’ had to be the theme of the Porter Annual Post this year! So JOY TO THE WORLD! And welcome 2019. May the year be kind to us all.

Thank you Kelly for another amazing capture! You make the hard work of planning and executing this SO WORTH IT!

Enjoy looking back through the years! It’s kind of fun to see our family change and grow.

2017 Predicted Wedding Trends in Vermont

Every year as I get to know my clients and their weddings, I see certain trends fall into place. For almost 10+ years vintage has ruled the Vermont wedding scene. Lace dresses, graceful florals, and vintage, countryside details like mason jars, hay bales, antique decor and burlap fabric decorated most weddings. While those details were well loved, I think they might see a distinct drop this year. To confirm my suspicions, I reached out to some local Vermont wedding planners to see what they are seeing for 2017 wedding trends, particularly in Vermont.

First off, Pantone named “Greenery” (15-0343) as the Color of the Year. It is fresh and symbolic of new beginnings, which is perfect for your wedding day! Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute says, “Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.” I expect we’ll be seeing this not only in florals, but in linens, details and even clothing! Check out suggested color pairings with ‘Greenery’ here.

In the Vermont wedding scene, Randi Nonni of Silver Toad Weddings and Events is seeing green too along with “deep bold colors taking the lead this year, and being mixed with lush greens. Additionally, lots of metallics mixed in with other colors and not limited to just one. It could be rose gold, gold and glittered items too.” Think, sparkly bridesmaid dresses, a glittery hairpiece or sash! These items are flooding bridal runways this year!

Alternatively, Jackie Watson of Jaclyn Watson Events is seeing lots of “blush, grays and blues. Lots of blues!” Which is right in line with another trend that is picking up.

The non-white wedding gown!

A wedding gown is no longer just a white dress. Wedding gowns come in all colors now with grey and blush being super hot right now! Ivory and lace will stay on I predict, but I have seen and heard about more alternative and modern looking wedding gowns this year than any year before. Airy silhouettes and flowing skirts are in and amazing right now. Recently a mother of the bride showed me her daughter’s wedding gown ideas. The skirts were breezy and the bodices were a nice mix of old and new with a beautiful combination of delicate lace over solid grey. I loved it. It was beautiful! And I am so excited to see and photograph more of these gowns.

Amanda’s gown was a beautiful mix of modern meets vintage with the lace bodice and airy blush skirt and belt. Plus, sparkle!

When it comes to the flowers and details, Jackie Watson says they are seeing “Greenery. Lots and lots of hanging greenery,” Randi Nonni had to agree as well. “Greens are super hot! I also see a lot of lush, draping greens, not just bouquets, but hanging installations and draping centerpieces.” Jackie Goddard and Leah Stewart of Black Dog Affairs are also seeing a lot of interest in “geometrical planters and hanging displays.” Hanging details are an instant win and always get noticed! In additional to physical details, “lighting is HUGE this season with us,” says Jackie Watson. Uplights and other lighting details like draped market lights or twinkle lights add so much to the look and feel of a wedding celebration. “Summer garden or enchanted garden is a big theme this year for us,” says Jackie Watson, and the addition of artistic lighting really helps pull that theme together.

I kind of love these modern looking geometric planters from Urban Outfitters! Clumped displays would be nice in any style venue!

Vermont is and always will be known and loved for delightful countryside venues, amazing mountain and lake views and beautiful vintage barns. However, 2017 is opening doors to a more modern flare in Vermont. Jackie Goddard of Black Dog Affairs is seeing “Lots of warehouses and more modern venues this Summer versus barns and the more ‘rustic’ look of years past.” Brick, metal beams, and concrete floors are gaining on the worn wood and old timey nature of a Vermont barn, however it will be interesting to see if this trend really takes off in Vermont. Although a granite quarry themed wedding in an old warehouse would be kind of amazing…just saying. 🙂

The food at a wedding is generally the most memorable item. It is no longer just a choice between “beef, chicken or fish”. Curated menus with the couple’s favorite foods and local Vermont specialties are more and more popular. Bars are featuring local craft brews and liquors made in Vermont. Local in general is a hot trend, especially in Vermont. Many caterers work with local farms to provide weddings with the freshest and best produce, meat, and dairy. It’s one of the things I LOVE about the Vermont wedding scene…supporting local farms along with the other amazing local wedding talent.

Drool worthy snacks and dessert by Have Your Cake Catering!

Shana at The Essex is “seeing less formal rehearsal dinners and more welcome receptions with everyone invited” the night before the wedding. She is also seeing “more items like pies, cupcakes and donuts” decorating dessert tables and “lots of food.” Randi Nonni is seeing “lots of late night snacks and mini apps throughout the night” insuring that guests are never hungry while celebrating. Jackie Goddard is also seeing the uptick in different foods with “rolling cocktail hours [that feature] food trucks, passed apps and signature cocktails.”

Andrea & Evan’s late night Sugar Shack was a huge, TASTY hit with their guests!

After feeding you guests, it is time to entertain them! Live music is making a big return this year! Bands are making a return to the Vermont wedding scene. Randi Nonni says “Vermont is lucky to have amazing local bands, here or ones close by willing to travel, that will keep your guests up and dancing all night.” Shana Skypack & Jackie Watson are also seeing an upward trend in bonfires and fire pits this year. These are perfect for Spring, Summer or Fall evenings. Even Winter fire pits are popular! Leave cozy blankets out for your guests to cuddle under while they enjoy the romantic glow of a campfire in the snow.

The amazing Stardust Band at a Round Barn Farm wedding.

A new trend that I just recently heard about from a former client is live painting at a wedding. An artist will come to your wedding and set up an easel to paint a scene of your choice! Perhaps the ceremony or the first dance? Jackie Goddard of Black Dog Affairs has a mother of the bride who has arranged this as a surprise for her daughter. Shhhh! What a neat surprise!

Painting by

While I love being social in person, social media is an ever present part of life, particularly at a wedding day. Wedding day hash tags are super hot still, however Snapchat Geofilters are joining them on the hot trend-o-meter. What is a Geofilter? It’s basically a digital sticker that Snapchat users can apply to a Snapchat before sending it out. These filters are only available in certain locations though, like your wedding venue! Say you’re having your wedding at the Round Barn Farm in Waitsfield, Vermont. You would create your custom wedding day Geofilter and assign it to that location through Snapchat. Then when your guests are Snapchatting away while enjoying your amazing wedding day, they would have the option to apply your custom wedding Geofilter to their snaps! Oh the amazing power of social media is endless! Guests beware though, don’t be party to two major photo and social media faux-pas at a wedding; don’t post a photo of the bride until AFTER the ceremony (#duh) and please don’t step into the aisle to get a picture of the first kiss (#doubleduh). As the professional photographer that would be stuck standing behind you, I thank you for staying in your seat. Other than that, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and hash tag away! (#northphotographyrocks) How do you create your own wedding day Geofilter? Check it out here on The Knot. Also check out Etsy for a bunch of super cute Geofilter designs.

And last but not least, photography trends. Here at North Photography I have heard of and experienced first hand the trend of having photos taken during the proposal. Being able to relive that wonderful, fleeting moment later is super special!

First looks before the ceremony are still hot and I have seen a rise in father-daughter first looks. So very sweet! Dramatic lighting, breathtaking scenes and creative angles are also trending in the wedding photo world. I am also finding more and more couples are wanting to take the time to get really nice portraits of themselves on their wedding day. Whether it is before the ceremony, directly after or during the reception, couples are willing and ready to step aside for portraits. And of course, candid moments that show real emotion are super hot and loved by all!

That’s it! It will be fun to see how 2017 plays out in the Vermont wedding world. Do you have any 2017 wedding trend predictions? I’d love to hear them!


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