Weekly Chronicle #9: Mr. Sun?

Oh glorious sun!

We miss you so very much

Please come back soon. Now?

We’ve moved! Which is why I have been delinquent on posting..especially for the Weekly Chronicle. 🙂 But…we’ve moved! Into our house. OUR HOUSE! A moment we have been waiting for for quite some time. Feels good. Feels great! And even though we only have been able to enjoy breakfast on the sun porch but a few times, I have hope the rain will subside and we will be able to enjoy it many more times over the summer! Leisl is enjoying the new digs and biding his time until I let him outside to explore. 🙂

Today despite the rain we are going through with a summer themed bridal shoot that I have been collaborating on with some fabulous local vendors. Cannot wait!  Just like a wedding day, the show will go on! And we will get great pictures. Still a little bummed though…excited to share results with you though! And to finally reveal the awesome ideas and details our creative minds have come up with! Happy day to you all! -Kaht

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