Vermont Newborn Portraits: Silas

In Latin, the meaning of Silas is “Of the forest” or “God of trees and forests”. Silas is also very similar sounding to the word “solace” which means “comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness.”

This is a very appropriate name for this little guy as this is Jane & Ryland’s little brother. During and after Ryland’s illness, his mom and family found a lot of solace in the forests surrounding their home. I simply love the story behind names and think that this little guy has a truly beautiful story tied to his life. He does bring solace to a family that went through such a heartbreaking loss and I have no doubt that he will enjoy the forests and trees just as much as the rest of his family. 🙂

He is SO loved by SO many! 🙂

The name Silas is also found in the Bible and means “the third”. Jess & Matt did not know this when they chose this name for their 3rd child. Just another bit of wonder and reminder that Ryland is still with us in our hearts and lives and will always be the 2nd child of Jess & Matt. 🙂

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