Uncle John

In early March I traveled with my parents and sister to sunny Florida to visit Great Uncle John. Uncle John is my dad’s uncle and for many years he existed to me through belated birthday cards and the occasional phone call to check-in on the “Vermont contingent” and wish us happy holidays. As I got older I saw more of Uncle John as he traveled to Vermont for my parents 25th anniversary and then again for mine and Devin’s wedding. The rest of the year was off limits as Vermont is “too darn cold” for visiting. 🙂 This year Uncle John will be 91 in May and we decided that saying, “Let’s go visit Uncle John in Florida” was no longer good enough. And so we planned the trip, booked our flights and packed our sunscreen. Here we come Uncle John!

What a wonderful week.

If you have not sat down recently and talked with an older relative about your history and their stories, then you are missing out. Uncle John is sharp as a tack and remembers many details of his life very clearly. I would say he remembers it all, but he would not like the ego fluffing. 🙂 Dad’s side of the family was always a little bit of a mystery to us and Uncle John was able to shed some light and fill in the gaps. It was so wonderful to sit and listen to him. The week flew by much too quickly.

Throughout the week as we were driving around with Uncle John as tour guide or sitting at one of his favorite restaurants or visiting another touristy destination in Florida, he would share one-sentence quips that quickly became notorious quotes. Many of you may remember seeing them posted on Facebook throughout the week. 🙂 The response that I received there is what prompted me to compile the quotes and post them here with a portrait of Uncle John, just so you can see how handsome he is. 🙂

I encourage you all to take the time and visit with someone that is much older than you. The wisdom you will gain is priceless. 🙂

“I could get lost in introspection and nostalgia, but that’s for old people. I’m still planning for next year!”

Uncle John at breakfast in one of his favorite restaurants: Perkins.

“One thing about getting old and feeble is that I don’t have to do any of the fetching and carrying…and I intend to live it up!” {Uncle John is steadier on his feet than I am at times. :)}

“I figure one night I’ll go to sleep and wake up saying to Peter, ‘What do you mean I can’t come in?'” 

“You look really good tonight Uncle John.”…”The taxidermist comes by on Thursdays.”

“I don’t go fishing because you’ve got to be smarter than the fish!”

“How are you doing today Uncle John?”…”I’ve got two feet on the ground and I’m vertical, so I’m in good shape!”

Uncle John out front of his home.

“Some people say I sleep well because of a clear conscious. I say no sense, no worries!” 

“Ready for an adventure today Uncle John?”…”Whenever I walk these old bones out the door it’s an adventure.”

“When I’m in New Jersey [visiting family] they treat me like an invalid, hovering around me. They even open my beer for me! I figure, let them! Why waste my energy when someone will do it for me.”

“Do you drink, Uncle John?”…”You’ve got to remember, even in the good book they say, a little wine is good for the digestion.” 

“If I need 4 things from the bedroom, that means at least 6 trips. I get my exercise by being dumb.” 

“I don’t take naps, I practice cosmic contemplation.” 

On a side note, the birds in Florida are amazing! These two were just hanging out on someone’s front lawn. They were nearly up to my should in height!

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