The Wedding Cake House, Kennebunk, Maine

Back in October during a visit to Maine I came across a beautiful house that was ornately decorated. It was appropriately named The Wedding Cake House.

The Wedding Cake House is a private home with a long history. The current owner, Jimmy Barker, offers tours during the foliage season to raise money for the local food shelf and assuage everyone’s curiosities about such a unique home. The day that i stopped by was rainy and gray and Devin was attending a class so I had the afternoon to myself. Little did I know when I walked up the drive I would meet some of the nicest people and listen to some most interesting stories. Frank was my guide and upon learning that I was a photographer, he asked if I would mind taking some pictures of the house for them. I thoroughly enjoyed taking my time viewing the home through a photographer’s eye and even had the chance to meet the owner, Jimmy, and have a nice lunch with Frank. 🙂 Enjoy viewing the home through my images and if you are ever in Kennebunk, Maine in the Fall, definitely take a tour of The Wedding Cake House. It is really quite beautiful and you might even get to meet Frank and Jimmy! Tell them “the photographer” sent you. 🙂 Be well, Kathleen

Here is Frank. One of the sweetest men you will meet! Full of information and stories about the house and it’s history. 🙂

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