Special Moments

This evening as I chatted with a couple about their upcoming wedding, I asked them what attracted them to my work. Initially they responded with the usual: they like the candid moments and artsy feel and enjoy the touch of classic portraiture as well. Then the lovely bride-to-be hit it right on the nose, “I really love the special moments you capture.” They then both referenced the below image from Tara and Anthony’s wedding last July.

Special moments are what make up a wedding day!! “There are a thousand instances in a moment and yet, not one is the same as another. Each one holds a special unique beauty…” I pulled this quote from an artist statement I wrote about documentary style family photography. Certainly one of my more profound moments. 🙂 It does not only apply to family portraits, but to wedding photography as well! Think of how many special moments, little instances, take place on a wedding day? (Besides the big ones.) A glance. A quick kiss. The brush of a father’s fingers. A mother’s gentle hand. A quiet escape from the hustle and bustle going on around you… Likely some of those moments will only live on in the memories of the people that experienced them, but it is always my goal as an artist and photographer to be aware of the smaller things that are going on around me. Which is how I got the above image. People had disbursed after the group shot and Tara and Anthony were in the center of it all just taking a moment to themselves. 🙂

Thank you C&C for recognizing this. 🙂

The image is down at the Burlington Waterfront which is unfortunately suffering a lot of flooding at the moment. I do not know if this spot on the walk is even above ground at the moment. It is really sad to see all of the homes that have suffered damage due to Lake Champlain being at an all time historically high level. My friend and fellow photographer emily McManny captured these great documentary images for the Burlington Free Press. If you look at the last image in the series (image 53), in the background you will see the Spirit of the Ethan Allen boat and just to the right some green grass. The walkway in front of that grass is where the above photo was done. Looks to be underwater…crazy.

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