Snowy Marathon

I am a Vermonter. I have lived in Vermont my whole life. I have driven in the mud, the snow, the sleet, the rain, the ice, and the wintry mixes. And I have never had any major problems nor lacked the confidence in my skills as a good driver. Today though, was the first time I completely, 100% understood when they say that “Vermont does not have a bare roads policy during storms.” They really don’t! On my home from running errands up town, the roads were covered with not only 5 inches of snow, but drifts and mounds that caught under my car and threatened to catch me right there in the road. I felt like I was driving not on sturdy studded tires, but those big bouncy exercise balls that slip and roll all over the place. The snow was blinding and without a good idea of where I was headed, it was hard to tell even where the road started and the fields ended. After fish tailing and almost sliding nose first into the ditch and then being saved at the last minute by my anti-lock brakes, I cheered my car on and gave her an “Atta girl!” and promised all number of warm body waxes and undercarriage cleanings. Every hill was an accomplishment met with a “woohoo!”, every corner a success if I made it around without slipping. My marathon crawled along at 10 mph, slowly gaining ground as I trekked the 20 minute drive home.

When I finally skidded into the driveway, I sat there a moment letting my shoulders relax and hands unclench from the wheel. ‘Does this mean I am getting older is 5 inches of snow makes me nervous?’ As I got out of the car, I noticed the smoke whisps sneaking out from under the hood of my car. Guess I am not the only one feeling tired out by 5 inches of snow. 🙂 Drive careful today! be well, Kathleen

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  • shauni goodwinJanuary 12, 2011 - 2:20 pm

    i do that all the time with caroline the corolla! when we live in north lake tahoe, let me tell you, it was like that DAILY. 4 feet of snow…driving up and down the mountain in chain control, which i firmly believed caroline did not need. (and she never did.) when i made it home up the mountain i would pat her dashboard and say “good girl, you sexy beast!”ReplyCancel

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