Puppy Love!

As soon as we saw her face we fell in love. Maybe it was her beautiful coloring, or sweet eyes or perky ears or puppy grin…whatever it was, we knew she was our dog. Her name was Cora (given by the shelter) and she wore a pink color. So girly! And as she dragged us out to the play yard at the shelter on our first meeting with her and proceeded to crawl into our laps when we sat on the grass, we knew, she was ours! Puppy love.

Now 2 months later having Cora in our lives has been a real adventure and such a blast! We both may be a few more wrinkles richer (or is that gray hair), but for all the blood pressure raising moments, we get a million wonderful moments returned! Like right now, she is sleeping on her “fluffy” bed that she dragged from her crate to the office to sleep at my feet. And she is snoring. 😉 Hehe. She is certainly the dog for us. 🙂

This past weekend Devin, Rachel (sister) and I took Cora to Shelburne Goes to the Dogs: a full out doggy social! There were all number of doggy vendors (food, toys, clothes, etc.), water bowls everywhere, pools for swimming, dog agility events, and of course a dog photographer! 🙂 My dear friend Kelly was there with her business, Mountain Dog Photography, and grabbed us before we left for the day. We were all pretty tuckered out from the day (Cora from playing, us from being dragged around to play), but her magic worked once again to make us look fabulous! Thank you friend. 🙂

My sweet sister, Rachel, came along with us! Yes, Cora needs three handlers. Don’t let her size fool you, she is 40 lbs muscle and 5 lbs everything else! We might forgo cars this winter and hook her up to a sled!  😉

Happy day!

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  • Andrea MedvidOctober 22, 2011 - 3:57 pm

    Awwww I LOVE this! Cora is gorgeous <3ReplyCancel

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