Packing Up Memories…

As I pack up our belongings in preparation for our move next week, I cannot help but get sentimental and even a little teary eyed when I come across photos tucked between books on the shelves or albums from trips and adventures. These images define my life! And remind me of some of the happiest moments I have experienced. Each image brings back memories and stories and so I sit with packing paper strewn about me and boxes waiting to be packed reliving the past.

I once heard a photographer speak about the power of a picture. Not a portrait specifically, but a captured image: a snapshot. A picture. We may visit with our professional photographer one or twice a year or once every other year to capture defining moments and beautiful family portraits, but throughout the year, we are capturing pictures. Snapshots. Memories of birthdays, trips, holidays, and everyday moments. Pictures of the people we love and care about.

And so this Friday I thought I might share some of the images that have conjured up sweet memories for me today. Some are snapshots and some are portraits. No matter what though, they are my memories that I cherish and love.

These are some of my best friends from college. We were all photo students together and spent countless hours in the darkroom printing together and just as many hours photographing together. Each person in this image has had an impact on my life. Kristen, on the far left, is actually the one who encouraged me to pursue Devin. 🙂 She is now a talented photographer and wonderful nurse in Chicago. Jared was always an ever fabulous and gracious model for any crazy ideas we ladies had and makes his way out in California now. While also studying to become a nurse, Charity built her photography business up in the past 2 years and has really done wonderfully! Carolyn (far right) has been saving the world since we graduated college from her home base in Japan. Even though we are literally spread across the world now, I love them today as much as I did in this picture. Maybe even more so. 🙂 This image is from a trip to a photo convention: Columbus, Ohio I think. We had such a great time! The writing around the picture is some silly poem I wrote on it when we printed these.

This next image was taken by our friend Robert on the day we arrived in Alaska. In 2006 Devin and I spent several months living and working on the Kenai Penisula at Alaska Wildland Adventures. We arrived in Anchorage in the middle of the night and were taken in a big van down to the base camp on the peninsula. When the sun had come up fully, our driver stopped at a scenic lookout and let us stretch our legs. That is when Robert captured this shot. It says it all…excitement, awe, nervous, trust. It now graces the cover of our journal from the summer. All of the other little items are things I collected over the summer on hikes and such. If you ever want a good story, just ask me about Alaska. 🙂 I have enough stories to fill a few evening campfires!

Finally this image is from our engagement session by Justin Cash Photography. It is also the cover image on our guest book, which is why I came across it as I was packing books. Such happiness, such joy, such love. Of course I sat there reading all the wonderful messages in our guest book from our family and friends on our wedding day. *happy tear* I think it is certainly one of my favorite keepsakes.

Now, look at your snapshots and pictures. What memories are there? What stories? If you come across something you would like to share, I would love to see and read. 🙂 E-mail ( me a copy of the picture with your story. Perhaps a post of shared images and stories will be in our future… 🙂

  • MartiApril 25, 2011 - 9:52 pm

    beautiful. memories and photos. what else?ReplyCancel

  • charityApril 28, 2011 - 5:49 pm

    oh my gosh look how young we all were! I had such a great time on that trip. Remember how you got so mad at us for not attending any workshops at the conference. hahahaReplyCancel

  • KahtMay 19, 2011 - 4:29 pm

    What can i say…Stypka and I were goood students…unlike you delinquents. 😉 xoxoReplyCancel

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