Mollie & Nia’s Shelburne Farms Wedding Weekend, Part I

Mollie & Nia were married on a weekend when Mother Nature made sure her presence was known. If you started to forget about her for just a second, she would remind you with a few rain drops, a downpour, some thunder claps, or billowing fog. Now, this might have deterred some people from coming out and might have caused others to frown and glance at the skies with a sour face, but Mollie & Nia are part of a very special group of people. A group that celebrates love and happiness no matter the weather! No matter what. Rain, sun, wind, fog, thunder, they arrive with their bigs hugs and dancing shoes to make sure Mother Nature is not the only memorable moment at their friend’s wedding weekend!

The celebration started as soon as guests arrived and really kicked off on Saturday evening with a friends & family picnic. Mollie & Nia’s wedding weekend took place at Orchard Cove on beautiful Shelburne Farms, a place that is near and dear to them both. I really loved the adorable picnic theme they incorporated and wanted to share some images from the evening with you as I work on finalizing their wedding day. 🙂 Happy Friday! Kathleen

The clouds over Lake Champlain were pretty stunning, if not a little drippy…

The blue and white checked tablecloths really added that “picnic” touch! Shelburne Farms & Let’s Pretend Catering worked together wonderfully to bring guests a fabulous & tasty evening!

Since the day Nia and I met over fish tacos to talk weddings, I have just loved getting to know these two wonderful women. So much joy and love here. 🙂

Two boards were displayed with photos of Mollie & Nia growing up and together. The tractor image made me smile. BIG!

All of the food was truly a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. Let’s Pretend  Catering is also a member of the Vermont Fresh Network which means they aim serve serve as much local food as possible. 🙂 The flat breads were made in Shelburne Farms mobile pizza oven. YUM!

One of the littler wedding guests gets a snuggle from Mollie. 🙂

As mentioned above, the weather kept us guessing. One second it was raining, the next it was very foggy!

Add in some sun and two silly ladies and we had some nice soft portrait light.

Despite the weather, everyone had a fabulous time with lawn games and HULA HOOPS!! I’ve was inspired after this weekend to get a hula hoop for our house. 🙂 Such fun!

Frisbee can be played in any type of weather. 🙂

Ever heard of the lawn game Kubb? Neither had I until this group explained it to me. 🙂

As the dark deepened, the party moved under the tent where the DJ kept things rolling under thunder moved the party into the house. And they kept dancing!

Regardless of how troublesome Mother Nature has been lately, she sure does provide some beautiful sunsets!

Check back for Mollie & Nia’s beautiful wedding day!!

  • Amanda HerzbergerJune 10, 2011 - 8:22 pm

    These photos make me happy 🙂 I heard about the dramatic weather but I’m glad to see it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. Can’t wait for the wedding pics 🙂


  • Sam & Barbara ClementJune 13, 2011 - 10:31 pm

    Wonderful early photos; amazing how a fine photog can recall such a fine day. Can’t wait to make some choice choices from The Album.ReplyCancel

  • crickettJune 16, 2011 - 8:30 pm

    Great Job…I passed by Shelburne Farms the same day of the wedding and I wondered what wonderful event was happening there…it rained the whole drive up but love cannot be overpowered by the weather.ReplyCancel

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