Mollie & Nia’s Shelburne Farms Wedding Weekend, Part II

Family is very important to Mollie & Nia, which is one of the many reasons that we clicked when we first met. When they described there small intimate wedding that included their family and closest friends surrounding them in a circle of support during their ceremony, I knew that I wanted to be a part of that circle too. Lucky for me, they deemed me worthy enough to be a part of their beautiful day and truly, Devin and I really did feel like a part of their family.  🙂 And just like a member of their family, I am just so happy for them. Not only have they started out on the adventure that is marriage, but they have started out on a true journey as they move to a new state, start new jobs and create a new life. Together. 🙂 Sooo happy

Enjoy Part II of Mollie & Nia’s wedding weekend and be sure to check out the slideshow and surprise link near the bottom. This was such a joyous celebration! Be well, Kathleen

Mollie’s Maid of Honor helped her finish getting ready.

While I hung out with the ladies, Devin headed towards Orchard Cove House where the ceremony and reception would take place on Shelburne Farms. Mollie & Nia has cute photo signs to direct and entertain guests as they walked from the parking area to the cove. 🙂 You’ll also see some of the dramatic flooding that has affected all of the Lake Champlain coastline. The pond on the right is actually the parking area for the Coach Barn…

Before heading to The Cove, we took a chance to enjoy the beautiful garden’s near their cottage. I love the secret garden feel of the fountain and greenery. 🙂

Not the sharpest horticulturist in the shed…I told Devin, “Look! Lady Slippers next to Lady. Slippers. HA!” And he gently told me, “Those are Lily of the Valley. But it still looks nice.” ::sweet husband smile:: On another note, Mollie & Nia wore sandals that matched their bouquets and favorite colors. 🙂

Mollie and Nia were married in a circle of trees at The Cove. Very symbolic of their close knit family and friends ceremony circle. 🙂 Devin captured this image before the ceremony and I just love the feeling of the trees watching over them. 🙂

Everyone processed together from the house to the trees, with Mollie, Nia, and theirs fathers leading the way.

So sweet. 🙂

Another beautiful moment during their ceremony was when the rings were passed around the circle for people to bless them and say a small wish. Here Nia’s parents share their hopes. 🙂

Love every one’s reactions! Especially Nia’s. 🙂

Apparently Mollie is the silly one….Well, Nia can be too. 🙂

Maids of Honor!

This wedding veil decorated the ceremony table. It has been in Nia’s family since 1915! The name’s of the brides that have had it at their wedding are noted on the box. A really special heirloom. 🙂

Nia’s mom adds her name to the box.

While everyone else headed to the tent, we snuck off for some portraits around The Cove!

I Do Blooms did a great job matching the bouquets to their sandals!

So many sweet details really added a Vermont Summer charm to the evening. Mollie & Nia also incorporated a tree theme that carried through from their invite to the table names.

Mollie & Nia’s good friend Chloe made the beautiful (and delicious.) cake! So colorful. 🙂

Appropriate Vermont wedding footwear.

Throughout the evening, guests were invited to stand and share a toast for the lovely couple. There were some funny ones and sweet ones and really touching moments. They are so loved!

And then a special toast was made…

That got this reaction!!

Wedding FLASH MOB!!!

All of a sudden music started to play and guests started to get up and move toward the dance floor. Eventually everyone was dancing around Mollie & Nia in celebration of their Happiness! It was really fantastic. 🙂

A fabulous day turned into a beautiful evening. Congratulations again Mollie & Nia! May happiness follow you wherever you go.

Check out the video here that Maid of Honor Holly captured during the mob. 🙂

  • Amanda HerzbergerJune 16, 2011 - 8:20 am

    Yay! SO wonderful and fun – fabulously captured – cheers to a great couple!!


  • shauniJune 16, 2011 - 8:40 am

    seriously, one of the most beautiful weddings ever. great photography, and cheers to the happy couple. i could look at these pictures all day and never get sick of them!ReplyCancel

  • SuzJune 16, 2011 - 9:40 am

    hooray for eye candy season! congrats to mollie and nia — beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, and as always kaht — beautiful photography and job of capturing the JOY!ReplyCancel

  • Eliza TwichellJune 19, 2011 - 4:17 pm

    These photos are clearly showing the most joyful, colorful, fresh, stunning, lovely,wedding I’ve ever seen! The flowers and the way they float thru the whole day, the smiles, hugs, picnic flavor- and those gorgeous cakes! Wish I was near enough to hug you both! So I’m sending a giant one thru the ether! Kisses too- Eliza (the Twichell one!)ReplyCancel

  • Barn WeddingsJune 27, 2011 - 10:03 pm

    What a wonderful wedding! God bless on your married life Mollie and Nia. I had a wonderful time browsing through your photos.ReplyCancel

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