I have been asked before if I can tell if a couple will stay together forever. The question always makes me pause because I have never been very good with equations. I mean, this question takes variables and years, experiences over adventures, disagreements minus make-ups, kisses times hugs and a few letters such as T, L, C to balance things out.

Again, I am not good with equations.

What I am good at is seeing the letters O, E, L, and V. Or, LOVE. Ooooh yes, call me tacky, but I can see that when I look at a couple. It is in the way they look at one another. It is in the way they smile at one another. It is in the way their hands brush lightly against one another as they both reach out to both pet the cat. I can see love. And it is ever so apparent between these two wonderful women. 🙂


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