Alicia’s Senior Session

When she contacted me to let me know she was going into her senior year and wanted to have portraits done, she knew she wanted two things: horses & tractors. A Vermont girl after my own heart. 🙂 After chatting more I learned that she did not want just any old John Deere rider mower, but some nice rusty antique tractors with a lot of character and charm. A Vermont girl with good taste too! The day before her session, Hurricane Irene stopped by for an un-welcomed visit, wiping out roads, homes, bridges, and landmarks. When we met up Monday afternoon I said, “This may be a bit of an adventure…let’s see where we can get too.” 🙂 Luckily she was up for an adventure and it turned into a beautiful one! Enjoy a little sneak peek from this lovely young lady’s session…I know she is eagerly waiting to see them too. 😉 xoxo Kathleen

The Wishing Pond

Start a ripple and let it grow. 🙂

Such a lovely young woman! Destined for great things. I’m serious…she told me so. 😉

A nice pair of sassy boots! At one point I said, “Wish I could wear boots like that.” (Cause I am SO old!) She said, “You still can.” Bless her heart. (Off to buy me some sassy boots!)

After we left our first location, we went in search of horses & tractors. We literally drove to the end of a road and ALMOST turned around before the dead end when a little something said, ‘keep going!’ What did we find? A whole YARD of antique tractors!! The owner kindly let us use them as props. 🙂

On the way home we stopped by a field with some beautiful horses. The owner even came out with a bucket of grain to help get their attention! Warms my heart how willing and eager people are to help. 🙂

**Speaking of helping, just a little side note.** If you are wondering, ‘What can I do to help the devastation in Vermont? I’m already too far away/busy/tired.’ There are many things! If you live locally and have some free time, put on some dirty clothes and grab a pair of work gloves and just head towards any town that has made the news. Chances are you will see families working to clean out their homes and other folks working to help businesses. Just stop and pitch in. No one will turn you away and even a little help counts!

If you do not live locally or do not have spare time, you can donate! Numerous sites have been set up to assist with that. The one that we donated to this morning was the Vermont Foodbank. They have been helping to get food supplies to towns that are cut off as well as to families whose homes were wiped clear away. Gone. Other donations that I have heard of people sending up include clothing, baby supplies, school supplies, etc. Think of something you use in your daily life and imagine if it got washed away…

Thank you!!

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