Ellen & Bruce’s Wedding, Grand Isle Lake House, Vermont

When Cinderella meets her Prince there is a spark and love ignites. They dance, gaze into each other’s eyes and fall more and more in love.

Then the clock strikes 12 and off Cinderella runs leaving only a glass slipper behind for her true love to find her again.


Unlike the story of Cinderella and her Prince, there is no magical coach, no evil step-sisters, and no glass slipper in Ellen & Bruce’s tale. There is however a spark, a conversation, and a nearly missed train home that had Bruce fleeing their first date so quickly that they did not have a chance to share phone numbers! Days went by. Weeks. Months…And neither heard from the other, but they both waited patiently for that kind person that they had a spark with to find them again. And just as fate worked for Cinderella and her Prince, fate worked for Ellen & Bruce and their paths crossed once again. To be sure that they did not lose sight of this wonderful person in their life again, they made certain to share their phone numbers and when they knew they could not live with out one another, they decided to share their lives. 🙂

Ellen & Bruce were married at the Grand Isle Lake House on a beautiful summers day surrounded by their family and friends that travelled from near and far. Congratulations again to a wonderful couple that truly have found their compliment and soulmate in one another. 🙂 Enjoy a peak at their day! Be well, Kathleen

Bruce was nearly ready when we arrived. A few final touches and he was off to greet guests as they arrived!

Ellen was getting ready with her twin sister and best friend. I always love the mood of getting ready; excitement, anticipation, joy, laughter. 🙂 Indigo Salon did a lovely job on Ellen’s hair and make-up.

Some elegant bridal details. Ellen’s vintage feather veil looked perfect on her!

Oh! Whoooo is peaking in the door??


Beautiful Ellen. 🙂

The flower girl caught some beauty sleep before her important job. 🙂

Time for Ellen & Bruce to have their First Look!

There is always such sweet anticipation as the groom waits for his bride to come up behind him. 🙂

And such a special moment when they see one another for the first time on their wedding day!

The lovely ladies!

And handsome gentlemen. 🙂

Summery oranges and vintage blues were the color palette for the celebration. The orange centerpieces and napkins looked so vibrant! I also loved the polka dot ribbon that tied the napkins together. A fun touch! Ellen was really detail oriented and had some fabulous ideas!

One final detail. 🙂

See? Elegant perfection. 🙂

Lacey peonies and delicate calla lilies made up Ellen’s beautiful bridal bouquet.

These little ones stole the show when they not only walked down the aisle, but joined hands and walked in a line! So sweet. 🙂

Ellen’s uncle played the ukulele while her and her father walked down the aisle. 🙂

Wedding ceremonies are similar in some ways and different in others, but always they are filled with joy and emotion!

And laughter! Ellen & Bruce not only wrote their vows, but they wrote them for one another to read. Ellen wrote what Bruce would read to her and vice versa. And they did not share what they wrote until they read it during the ceremony. Many laughs and a few tears. 🙂

Mr. & Mrs.! The streamers had little bells attached to them so just imagine the sounds on tinkling bells as they recessed down the aisle as husband and wife. 🙂


After all of the rain and flooding that affected Vermont, a bright sunny day was just what we all needed. And it fell perfectly on Ellen & Bruce’s wedding day! A true gift. 🙂

I love the flags that grace the entry lawn at The Grand Isle Lake House!

Over 100 years ago, Ellen’s great grandparents visited The Grand Isle Lake House. Here is a picture of them with their friends on the porch steps that still exist today!

We had our own porch step portrait with the bridal party. 🙂

And of course a special portrait for Ellen & Bruce’s great grand children to replicate when they return in another 100+ years to The Grand Isle Lake House. 🙂 I wonder how things will change then?

More fabulous details and tasty treats! To mark guest’s seats and to let the waitstaff know what dish people were eating, Ellen tagged bottles with different colored name tags that were tied in place with raffia and filled with lemonade. I just love that idea!

West Meadow Farm Bakery in Essex, VT made the gluten-free couples cake and Sweet Tooth of Boston made the amazing cupcakes. Guests were oooh-ing and mmmmm-ing over them all night!

As the sun set, the light became positively golden. 🙂

A perfect evening after a perfect day!

Congratulations again Ellen & Bruce! May your life together be as beautiful and golden as the day you were married. 🙂

Enjoy their slideshow below!

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