Confessions of A Cup a Day Caffeine Addict

First off, let’s just make the observation that “i before e, except after c and weird is just weird” doesn’t always work, because if that were the case, then “caffeine” is “weird” too. Yes, I sang the rhyme to spell caffeine and thought it looked quite wrong the other way around. 🙂 Isn’t it funny how certain things from childhood education stick with us forever? Remember the trick for multiplying by nine and using your fingers? I do.

So this week has started off with a wonderful boom in friendships! On Monday night I hosted my first knitters gathering at our home. 4 woman came over with their handbags and knitting and we sat and sipped tea, chatted and knitted away! It was a blast! I had been craving such a gathering for some time now as (you may already know this) I love social interaction. 🙂 Now we have a group! A GROUP! Huzzah!

Then this morning I popped by my friend Louisa’s home and made two more new friends! Little fuzzy friends. 🙂

She adopted two orphaned lamb’s last week (not sisters) and has been bottle feeding them. What fun! I got to chase lambs around the living room and studio, help pose them for some portraits, and then gave one a bottle! Oh gosh…maybe we’ll skip having children and just keep adopting lambs because they are just so darn fuzzy and cute with their gangly legs and floppy hooves! (Just kidding mom and dad…I promise.) 🙂

Ever wonder how to get a lamb to fall asleep? Put it on a green velvet couch! Duh. We put Cora and Molly (YES! Another Cora!!) up here and tickled their chins and they soon snuggled up and let us have our portrait ways with them. Be still my ever loving animal heart: so darn cute!

After lunch with my dear friend and a fun chat with a maternity session I finally sit down to whip out an album design and *thump thump thump*. It’s not exactly beating fast or pounding out of my chest, but lately I’ve felt like my heart is a little more jittery  (or fluttery, but not in the romance novel type of way) than it should be. Now, I’m not a caffeine guzzler, but I am a cup a day Earl great tea with honey and 1/2 & 1/2 kind of girl and I’m starting to think it’s my morning tea causing this!  Perhaps it’s time to transfer to caffeine-free Earl Grey tea and see where that gets me. We’ll see if it even gets me out of bed…

While out running errands today I swung by the recycle center to offload some recycling and popped into the Re-Use Zone (aka, the treasure shed!). Once again I scored some good finds and this time for Cora! A new leash (because she keeps chewing up the $25 ones we buy here! AUGH!) and a basketball!! When she stayed with our friends for a week while we were in New Orleans, their dog taught Cora to play soccer with a basketball. They warned against buying one because it would get a hole in no time from her teeth, but definitely encouraged us to find one! And find one I did! As soon as I got home I ushered Cora outside for a little foot-ball. WHAT FUN! We tore up the yard, kicking up snow, sliding around, and chasing this basketball around the yard. She was WICKED good too! I can just imagine what people thought to us out there. I hope they envied the great time we were having. 🙂 We’ll add that new toy with the laser as being two of her FAVORITE play things! Score.

Tomorrow is tax prep day. The most BORING day of my year! Poo. Guess I’ll tackle it with a nice cup of caffeine free tea….Mmmm…enticing…

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  • Louisa LarsonFebruary 3, 2012 - 9:18 pm

    Great pics Kaht! Thanks so much for helping me out – it was a blast. I’ll have you come over again so you can be my personal lamb whisperer!ReplyCancel

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