Collaboration Creative-The Beginning

Back in college in the “darkroom” days I met this wonderful person. Her name was Charity and she became one of my closest friends. 🙂 I credit her for a lot of my creativity in college as she was always full of fabulous ideas and notions! Couple that with the crazy things I came up with and we made a great pair. 🙂 And so when I felt I was lacking in the personal work creative spirit I knew who I needed to turn too. 🙂 She eagerly listened to my nutty idea and readily agreed that, “this will be so much fun!” Thank goodness for good friends.

Charity and her business partner Nicole started Beyond the Ordinary Photography just a few years ago and have steadily been building a wonderful style! It’s fresh, dramatic and a little different than what you will find everywhere else in the photo world. Their images really tell a wonderful story and I look forward to watching them grow more!

The idea I proposed to Charity was to share a phrase, lyric, sentence, or word that had stuck with us and to each create an image using that tidbit as inspiration. It is quite common that I will hear a song on the radio or a conversation and something will stick out to me and create an idea. It is the hope that this creative exercise will inspire and encourage us to try new things and break out of our “comfort zones”. 🙂 As an artist, getting out of that zone is crucial to growing further….yep…I know…it’s scary.

And so here is our first Collaboration Creative. The inspiration was “I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal” from the Calvin Harris song “Feel so Close to You“.  Good tune. 🙂 Feel free to leave feedback. As an artist, constructive criticism and good feedback is also key to growth…again…scary. 🙂

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