Birthday Girl & Owl Sweater

“Impossible!” was the general response when I said, “Rachel turns 20 this week.”

“Impossible!”….”Wasn’t she just 13?”…You’re telling me! Wasn’t she just my baby?

Thankfully no matter what age she is, I will always be her big sister and she will be my baby sister. 🙂 But, Twenty….TWENTY?! Impossible.

But indeed, sweet Rae-Ri turned 20 last week. For her birthday this year I knitted her a sweater. One of my biggest knitting projects yet! Not only was I pleased with how it came out, but so pleased with how fabulous she looks in it! My oh! so beautiful baby sister is now a beautiful young woman. :*)

Of course one owl had to be different and stand out a little. 😉 Just like RR, going their own way.

Thanksgiving was spent at The Farm and one of the chickens followed us on our birthday sweater photo shoot. 🙂

You can find the Owl Sweater pattern here.

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