An idea…

One of my defining characteristics is my ability to talk. And talk. And talk. In middle school, my report card came home with decent points and then a red mark: talks too much. Now-a-days, my chatty nature is seen as outgoing, friendly, and social. A real perk for the business I am in! But I will admit, sometimes things get a little winded, a little long, and a little off topic. But, now…an idea! For months I have tried to find a project to post weekly on the site here. Some of my favorite sites do such things as a weekly Children’s Book GiveawayWedding Wednesday, and Kisses & Disses. I don’t have a fancy name, but I do have an idea!

One image per week with a few words illustrating said week.

A few words turned into a haiku, because c’mon…this girl has got things to say! But no more, no less. Only what fits into the haiku style. 🙂 You better hold me to this, because I’m bound to get lazy. Happens to the best of us. I hope it will be fun though! And challenging. The greatest rut I face every day is not finding the time to be creative with my art. For me. 🙂 I create all day for other people, but this is for me. And for you too….I can share.

Alright, the first one is coming up tomorrow!  🙂 Over and out, Kaht

Leisl says, “Hey!”

Such a serious fella.

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